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Tuesday’s Links 31-05-2011

France 24 [English] reports on India’s “army of unemployables” -shocking “85% of students unemployable

Also from France 24 [English] -the latest in the Berlusconi #bungabunga saga: Berlusconi sex trial resumes after local election loss

A fascinating read on the impact the secession of Southern Sudan will have on the Darfur situation from the Sudan Tribune: The Secession of South #Sudan and Its Impact on #Darfur

An excellent piece by Pirate Party MEP Christian Engstrom summarising a recent EU Study on Net Neutrality

One of the more disappointing stories of the day comes from the Guardian which reports that the Saudi woman, Manal al-Sharif who was arrested after posting a Youtube video of her driving, has been released after agreeing to leave the Women2Drive Movement

And I think we can all say “No shit Sherlock” to this article from the EU Observer reporting that the Dutch and Luxembourgish plan to outsource the €50 billion Greek privatisation programme would amount to a loss of sovereignty

And finally something that stirred memories of frustration, impatience and sheer desire to bang one’s head off a wall, from the collective blog of the European Parliament web editors: The War of the Badges