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Resolutions 2015

Felt compelled to publish these for posterity:

Pray more

Achieve weight of 14st max

Jog/run 4 times per week
Complete 2 X 5km
Complete 1 X 10km

Abstain from alcohol for the following months: January, May, and November

Achieve excellent CAP1 results on 1st attempt

Cuir feabhas ar mo Ghaeilge Et le même pour mon Français

Healthy breakfast | 1 dinner | 1 light meal
Cut chips/pizza/pasta/cheese/white bread
Make 5 fruit/veg per day happen
No snacking/sweets/smoking

Weekend in London
Vacances en France
Camino de Santiago de Compostela

Though fanciful, eminently achievable…hope not to be laughing at my naïve ambition in a year’s time.